What To Expect

The Course is broken into 5 phases to allow you to gradually adjust to each change.

Phase 1:  Weeks 1-3: Mindset

  • We will start off focusing on mindset because when you change your mind, you change your body ultimately changing your life! This will set the foundation to help you make the mental shift necessary to change your life!

Phase 2:  Weeks 4-6: Nutrition

  • Nutrition is one of the hardest components for most people to control so we will work on this once we get your mind right! This phase will provide information that will help you simplify eating healthier. No strict diets required!

Phase 3:  Weeks 7-8: Sleep and Self-Reflection

  • Getting enough sleep is crucial in helping your body function properly and heal itself. This is a necessary component in any journey to better health. This will not only help you to prioritize sleep but also improve the quality of sleep you are getting each night.
  • Self-Reflection allows you to identify areas that you may be lacking in so you can begin to make efforts to improve. During week 8 you will have the opportunity to assess yourself and create a plan of action to improve in any areas needed.

Phase 4:  Weeks 9-11: Physical Activity

  • We are made to move! Daily physical activity is a must in order to maintain a healthy body. If you don’t use it, you lose it! This phase will teach the importance of physical activity and will give you three complete workouts to get you moving.

Phase 5:  Week 12: Making It Stick  

  • In order to maintain health you must remain consistent and develop discipline. This phase will provide insight on how to make your new lifestyle stick! 

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